Is an Asset that doesn`t lose its value.

Increase Value over time.

Could reach to Millions.

Everything begins with the purchase of a piece of art for the house, for the office or for the taste and satisfaction that gives us to have it. But wouldnt it be better to buy a painting that we enjoy and that at the same time its value increases?

As an asset, original artwork retains its value better than other asset classes.
In the past 50 years when inflation has been very high and rising, the art has retained and increased in value above commodities, bonds, and equities.
In fact, art demonstrates a very low correlation with other financial asset classes, making it a strong and stable investment when the market is in flux.

Buying art as an investment might not be important to you and you may never wish to sell the works you buy. Even so, it’s exciting to imagine that the work you are buying could be paintings by a future art star. And now you would be asking yourself how does the art of a random painter increase the value?
Let me first demostrate you an example.

A $2000 dollars painting sold on
2017 to $110 usd Million Dolars

In 1982 Basquiat was 22 years old and sold this painting of the skull “Untitled” in $2000 dollars.

Later the painter was getting more fame doing a lot of exhibitions, the price was increasing to $10000 usd, $50000 usd getting to millions and in a few year more got to auction art to this crazy price of $110 Million Dollars.

And this happens a lot in the art world. You can search it in Google for more details of the case.

How to increase the value of the paintings? 

My commitment to you is that aside from having a work of art that you enjoy, i will work to increase your art investment value over time.

How im going to achive it ? My plan is to focus 100% in creating new painitngs , new series, new art techniques and diferent types of art styles. With a lot of discipline, effort and commintment. The key to make this goal to happen, is doing a lot of art exhibition national and international, traveling all over the world. Also meeting the right people doing the best in networing and continuo painting everyday. It sound very simple but its a lot of effort that i can do, and we will have to work together, if you invest in my art that is my commintment.


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